Saturday, February 11, 2012

Allah has provided us much bounty,

Allah has provided us much bounty, with a click of a button, we can learn more about Islam than we ever thought possible. Allah has blessed us with infinite amount of resources where, subhanAllah, we can sit in the comforts of our own home and learn Islam.

If we were to go back fifty years ago, people had to leave their homes for centuries, travel far distances, and even sacrifice their wealth in order to learn something of Islam.

Now, we have youtube and twitter and tumblr and facebook and websites of all sorts and PDF’s in which we don’t even have to buy the books anymore, it just simply appears on our screens.

Use this to your advantage; use this opportunity to learn Islam for yourself in order that you may assess what Allah has revealed in Quran. Use these infinite amount of resources and push yourself forward in terms of knowledge.

There is so much to be learned and so much that we need to do; start here. Pledge to yourself that today will be the day you’ll acknowledge the Mightiness of Allah and His sustenance upon you, and use it brothers and sisters, use it.

- "The Beauty of Islam"

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